What is CBD?

Let's start with the Plant

industrial hemp.jpg
  • Fibrous long stalks

  • Narrow leaves

  • Few flowering buds

  • Very low in THC

  • NOT Psychoactive

Industrial Hemp

marij plant.jpg
  • Small bushy plant

  • Wider leaves

  • Full of flowering buds

  • High in THC

  • Psychoactive


What is all this talk of Cannabinoids?

Up to 25% 

Cannabinoids are a class of components found in Hemp.  Over 120 cannabinoid compounds have been identified. Among those is CBD.  Many of the components have been studied in depth and found to have therapeutic properties.


Some therapeutic properties believed to be derived from Cannabis are:

· Anti-Inflammatory

· Anti-Seizure

· Anti-Anxiety

· Anti-Depressant

· Anti-Psychotic

· Anti-Tumoral

· Sleep Support

· Addiction Support

· Anti-Nausea

· Neurological Support

· Heart Health


These and many other therapeutic benefits are still being studied.  Balancing Botanicals, LLC does not claim CBD or Cannabis will prevent or cure any disease.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are a common term used when reading about CBD products.  Cannabis terpenes are a naturally occurring organic components from the plant.  


Terpenes are a class of organic compounds.  Some commonly known organic components families are Monoterpenes & Sesquiterpenes. Terpenes are found in Cinnamon, Lavender, Lemon, Rosemary, Pine, and Cannabis, to name a few.


Drilling down from the organic class looks something like this...

Class: Terpene

Compound Family: Monoterpene


Component: Linalool

Component: Myrcene

Compound Family: Sesquiterpene

Component: Caryophyllene


Many compounds have been studied in depth proving they have therapeutic properties. Others are still being studied to prove their therapeutic value.

What does Full Spectrum mean?

Use this When creating CBD oil the practice of maintaining as many cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBC, etc) as possible and as many Terpenes (Linalool, Myrcene, Limonene, etc) as possible, creates what is known as Full Spectrum CBD rich oil. Full Spectrum Oil contains THC at some level.  Whereas, Broad Spectrum does not have THC.


Why would you want Full or Broad Spectrum CBD oil?


Many naturally created chemical components synergize one another when blended together. Studies show that when other cannabinoids and terpenes are combined with the CBD, the result is a more powerful, more effective oil.


This is not to say that CBD oil on its own is not effective, however many people are finding more benefits in Full Spectrum. The study of synergizing chemical components with others is not a new idea. Aromatherapists have been proving this theory for years with Terpenes, Esters, Keytones, Phenols, etc. The breaking news is learning how these combinations are beneficial with cannabis as well.