Dog Days

Keeping your pup from

Enjoying Life?

Check out these

natural remedies

to improve 

your pets overall




Dogs have fear & anxiety too. Quietude Essential Oil & the ready to use roll on are great to reduce the anxiety and improves behavior issues


Frankincense EO

Dogs get cuts and scrapes on their paws or in little scuffles. Frankincense is great for wound care, tumor, infection, bacterial and fungal control.

PnS herb pic.jpg


This EO blend is so versatile.  You can not only clean with it but you can freshen fur & pet beds, reduce fleas, ticks, & mosquitoes and more!

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CBD Oil for Pets

CBD Oil is good for pets, too! Reduce anxiety & stress. Calm the overactive. Relieve arthritis and other pain. Reduce seizures.


Lavender EO 

Lavender is calming for animals, too.  Use Lavender for calming your dog, Wound Care, and Burn Relief

Comfrey care salve.jpg

Comfrey Care

Minor cuts and scrapes to dog fight wounds, Comfrey care is healing and skin nourishing.